PHS Lottery Winner

Project Healthy Smile is happy to announce and congratulate our lottery winners Brent and Elizabeth Hasledalen! We would like to thank everyone for their donations and helping PHS take the next step towards 501c3 completion. Happy New Year!

Project Healthy Smile

Happy Holidays from Project Healthy Smile

Happy holidays from everyone at Project Healthy Smile and a happy new year!

Project Healthy Smile

Project Healthy Smile (PHS) is an organization that provides oral health education and dental supplies to underprivileged children globally. Our goal is for PHS to become a non-profit organization.

You can help us achieve this goal and win a chance to star in your own photo shoot! For every $25 donated, you will be entered into a lottery for a chance to win your own photo session. The more you donate in $25 increments, the more your name will be entered. Donating makes a great holiday gift as well!100% of all your donations go directly to PHS.

The winner will be anounced on December 23rd, 2009. The photo shoot will take place in Minneapolis, MN (travel not included), at a mutually agreed upon date. A professional photo crew will style and shoot the photo of your choice!

The possibilities are endless:

A glamorous make-over for that special someone

A photo of yourself surrounded by stunning models

A “save the date photo”

Even a family portrait, including the dog!

ADDED BONUS: Professional photo styling by Hollie Mae (, who is the co-founder and executive director for PHS

Project Healthy Smile | PO Box 2721 | Minneapolis, MN 55402

Include your name, telephone number, email address, and mailing address.

Donations payable to: Project Healthy Smile

For $25 gift donations in someone’s name, PHS will send a personalized thank you note on your behalf. (Just include information in your submission, and please have it send by December 20th, 2009)


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You can be a part of Project Healthy Smile and help “Save Smiles Worldwide”! We need some good people to help us out. If you are a graphic designer, have experience with fundraising, marketing, or social networking, drop us a line! View our craigslist ad here and hope to hear from you. Thanks!

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On October 17, 2009 Project Healthy Smile’s (PHS) co-founder and executive director, Michelle Patterson, attended a Capacity Building Workshop organized by the Vietnamese American Nongovernmental Organization (VA-NGO) Network in Santa Ana, California. One of the topics discussed at the workshop was the issue of human/children trafficking and the work of many VA-NGO Network members related to preventing and supporting victims of trafficking of children in Viet Nam.

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