We are happy to share that a new water and toothbrushing station has been completed and installed at Tabunan Integrated School. Tabunan was our pilot oral health program and partnership with Juanito I King Foundation. Tabunan has continued our program since 2015 and now has a dedicated toothbrushing station which also provided a water system fit for drinking! Thank you Juanito I. King Foundation, Inc. for your partnership and dedication. Thank you Cebu City Department of Education for your support. Thank you to everyone who supports our mission to Save Smiles Worldwide!


A BIG thank you to our ambassador Hiep Pham Thi for helping us maintain our programs in Nha Trang, VN! She provided a review lesson on home care to the children of Kim Son Charity School. She also distributed new dental supplies. Thank you to everyone who supports our mission to Save Smiles Worldwide!


The kids at Home of Grace in Phnom Penh Cambodia received their new toothbrushes and paste! Thank you to our ambassador Neri Tran and to all our donors for supporting our mission to Save Smiles Worldwide.


Our pilot program at Tabunan Integrated School was a success and the school was awarded a toothbrushing station. The station is set for completion in a centralized area at TIS. Our program at TIS is sustained thanks to the hard work of our parter Juanito I King Foundation, the school staff and everyone who supports our mission to Save Smiles Worldwide!


Our program at Home of Grace in Cambodia has been replenished with new supplies! Thank you to all our supporters for believing in our mission to Save Smiles Worldwide!


Thank You to all our donors for your support on‘s “Give to the Max Day” 2017!


On November 16th, Project Healthy Smile will be participating in‘s “Give To The Max Day”. By making a donation on this day you can be a part of our mission to Save Smiles Worldwide. Thank you for your support!


Camp Lapu Lapu

12 Jul 2017

Our new program began earlier this month at Camp Lapu Lapu in Cebu, Philippines. Our partner Juanito I King Foundation had a toothbrushing drill followed by consultation and assessment with fluoride application. Information on proper toothbrushing was also posted around the school. Thanks again to everyone who supports our mission in Saving Smiles Worldwide!



01 Mar 2017

A big thank you to Lynn Foulke for distributing new dental supplies for our program at TAFCOM! Lynn travels a couple times a year to Tanzania, bringing groups with her to raise funds for schools and programs related to the schools in Moshi, Tanzania. We are happy to partner with her and proud of all TAFCOM has accomplished and continues to do! As always thank you to everyone who supports our mission. #SavingSMilesWorldwide



Our mission in Cebu City, Philippines and Nha Trang, Vietnam was a success! We visited Tubunan Integrated School, sat in on their oral health lesson and distributed new supplies. We also had the pleasure of witnessing their daily toothbrushing. The school is expanding to accommodate higher grade levels and part of the expansion will include a centralized toothbrushing station. We also visited Camp Lapu Lapu Elementary School in Cebu City where our next program will begin sometime this summer. We want to give a great BIG thank you to our partner Juanito I King Foundation for their hospitality and helping us make our programs reality. We were in the Sunstar Cebu newspaper! You can check out the article here>>>

We also visited Kim Son Charity School and Thien Tam Orphanage in Nha Trang, Vietnam where we gave review lessons on oral health and distributed new supplies. We’d like to thank our ambassador Hiep Pham and Loving Kindness Vietnam for helping us keep our programs alive.

We’d also like to thank Smile Squared for their donation of toothbrushes! Every time you buy a toothbrush from them they donate a toothbrush to organizations like ours. Last but not least we have to thank everyone who continues to support our mission to Save Smiles Worldwide!

Every classroom displays our oral health posters

Oral health lessons are now integrated into Tabunan’s educational program

Teachers at Tabunan came up with creative toothbrush storage

Toothbrush station at Tabunan

The centralized toothbrushing station we awarded Tabunan is planned for this location

We are ready to hand out Smile Squared toothbrushes and toothpaste that was purchased locally in Nha Trang, VN

Oral health review at Kim Son Charity School

We distributed new supplies to the kids at Kim Son Charity School

Toothbrush storage at Kim Son Charity School

Time to brush at Thien Tam Orphanage

Oral health review lesson at Thien Tam Orphanage

Distributing new supplies at Thien Tam Orphanage


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