Thank you Juanito I. King Foundation, Inc. for sharing your data with us. JIKF implemented a 10 month long gingivitis project at 5 elementary schools in Cebu, Philippines. The project included oral health education, daily toothbrushing at the school, evaluation and prophylaxis. We are proud to share with everyone the results of their evaluation. The highest improvement in oral health just from implementing very basic oral care was an 86% improvement and the lowest being 76%. We are Saving Smiles Worldwide!


We are proud to partner with Juanito I. King Foundation, Inc.! We implemented our oral health program at Tabunan Integrated School last month. The dentists working with JIKF have conducted a three day oral assessment, fluoride application and scaling for all the students post our visit. As we continue to build a sustainable program we will be able to gather data, share results and improve the quality of oral health for underserved children. Thank you to the dentists and everyone at JIKF for their hard work! As always thank you to everyone who supports our mission to Save Smiles Worldwide.



We are proud to partner with Juanito I. King Foundation, Inc. building a sustainable oral heath program at Tubanan Integrated School. After our mission, dentists that work with JIKF revisited the school to evaluate the children’s oral health. JIKF will continue to moniter our program at the school. Thank you to everyone at JIKF and Tubanan Integrated School for continuing to take part in our mission to Save Smiles Worldwide. We look forward to seeing you all again soon.

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PHS had an oral health session with the kids at Kim Son Charity school. Our ambassador Hiep Pham has been sustaining our program there and it was great to meet the kids and head nun in person. Thank you to Hiep, the head nun a Kim Son Charity School and everyone who has and continues to support our mission to Save Smiles Worldwide. We dedicate this album to one of our big supporters Henry Schein, Inc. Cares Foundation for their donation of tothbrushes, paste, fluoride treatments and gloves. Thank you for helping us “Help Health Happen”!

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PHS provided oral health education, dental supplies and fluoride treatments to the children of Khanh Binh School. Thank you to our anbassador, Hiep Pham, for translating and being a contunious support. Thank you to Jeanne Cho for volunteering with us. Thank you to Henry Schein, Inc. Cares Foundation for the dental supply donation. Thank you to all those who have supported and continue to support our mission to Save Smiles Worldwide!

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Our mission at Vinh Ngoc was a success! Thank you to the teachers, our ambassador, and volunteers for all your help. Thank you to Smile Squared for the donation of toothbrushes! When you buy a Smile Squared toothbrush they donate a toothbrush to organizations like ours. For more info please visit their website Thank you to all those who have supported us and continue to support our mission to Save Smiles Worldwide!

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This was our second visit to Loc Tho and the children are still cute as ever! We provided an oral health lesson with the help of our ambassdor Hiep, distributed dental supllies and applied fluoride treatments to all the beneficiaries. Thank you to Henry Schein Cares Foundation for their donation and to all our PHS agents for their donation of supplies! We are Saving Smiles Worldwide!

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2015 is almost here and there is still time to donate for 2014 tax deductions!

Our mission is to create sustainable oral health programs for underprivileged children worldwide. These programs will focus on preventative care by providing oral health education and dental supplies.

There are many easy ways to DONATE to PHS. For more info please visit Thank you for all your support in helping us Save Smiles Worldwide!

SE Asia and Tanzania mission 2015!

PHS is happy to announce our missions to SE Asia and Tanzania early 2015. What a great way to start off the new year! We are looking forward to checking in on our current programs and working with our ambassadors to implement new programs. Good luck to board member Micah Farley who will not only be checking in on our program in Moshi, Tanzania, but also summiting Mt Kilamanjaro to raise money to build much needed schools in Moshi! As always thank you to all our donors and supporters. We couldn’t do it without you!


Black Friday is almost here! This Friday shoppers will be saving hundreds and it’s a great time to give to a cause you believe in. Donate your savings this holiday to Project Healthy Smile! Happy holidays everyone.


Join thousands of Minnesotans as we ignite generosity and raise millions of dollars for nonprofits and schools across the state. Make a donation to your favorite cause on November 13 and be part of Minnesota’s annual day of giving! For the early birds, we welcome you to schedule your gift in advance today. All scheduled gifts will transact on November 13 and be eligible for GiveMN Leaderboards and Golden Tickets.

Let’s give BIG to smiles in need! Donate NOW Thank you for your support!




















*Pictured here are enthusiastic children waiting in line for their fluoride treatment at Loc Tho Charity School and Orphanage in Nha Trang, Vietnam.





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