"Time To Brush your Teeth"

"Time to brush your teeth!" is a phrase most children hear often. Brushing their teeth is just a part of a daily routine. And owning a toothbrush and toothpaste are things they take for granted. However, thousands of children in impoverished regions have never seen a dentist and many do not even know what a toothbrush or toothpaste is. PHS is an all volunteer, U.S. based non-profit organization creating sustainable oral health programs for underprivileged children worldwide. These programs focus on preventative care by providing oral health education and dental supplies. We welcome you to join our cause and help us save smiles worldwide. Thank you for your support.

Ideas.Ted.Com | What Toothbrushes Tell Us About Inequality

Tubunan 10 Month Program | 83.9% Improvement

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PHS board member is running the Space Coast Marathon for PHS

Our very own board member, Vanessa Berrueta, is running the 2021 Space Coast Marathon in honor of PHS on November 28th! Please join us in cheering her on and if

Thank you for Giving to the Max

THANK YOU to all those who supported us on Give To The Max Day. Your donation helps us continue to Save Smiles Worldwide!

Give to the Max Day 2021 is TODAY!

It's here! Give to the Max Day 2021 is TODAY! Give to the Max here>>>

Give To The Max Day is this Thursday, Nov. 18th

Give To The Max Day is this Thursday, November 18th. Early giving is underway! You can donate here now >>>>

Give to the Max Day is Nov 18th | Early giving starts now

Give to the Max Day is November 18th but early giving begins TODAY, November 1st!! • • Visit the link below to donate! • • #givetothemaxday #GTMD2021 #ProjectHealthySmile #savingsmilesworldwide

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